Nos velhos tempos, quando vivíamos em cavernas e nos encostávamos uns aos outros à procura de calor, atentos ao menor ruído que indicasse a presença de um predador, a sobrevivência dependia de quão rapidamente os indivíduos passavam ao modo de …

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(foto da HBR) Um excelente post do Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, na Harvard Business Review, sobre a inteligência emocional e as formas de a desenvolver.  

An interesting post in Harvard Business Review about the everlasting issue of balance between work and life:  

A very interesting post about (un)hapinness from the Moodscope team. When you look back, how do you remember yourself? Memories ann moods does't always coincide. Read more:  

  People differ in the way they react to emotions or painful feelings. Avoidance is not a good strategy. See for yourself the results of the research on Time: “When faced with a challenge, whether you deny the problems it …

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