Creativity and energy

Those who read my posts already know that creativity is a particular obsession of mine. In point of fact, although I’m not an artist in the usual meaning of the word, life has taught me that it’s essential to mental health to cultivate this aspect of our humanity. We are the species who created art. Why was that?

I think our brains are naturally creative, but unfortunately, most of us let life and its routines kill it slowly. We need to be vigilant about not letting energy and creativity die away (those two come hand in hand).

This post at Big Think (a site to follow) gives out a few clues to keep/increase our creativity.
But there are more ways. Each of us must find what works for him or her. For instance, I personally think that traveling always changes my mindset. Meeting different people and different ways of living is a case in point. Some movies have this same effect: bring out new ideas and perspectives. The web, which often has too much information, has a few gems.

Yesterday I found out about an artist who sketches with his finger on window panes and then takes photos. Simple and feasible. It “only” demands creativity.