What is Coaching?

coaching Coaching provides personalized and consistently-focused help to individuals to reach their life and professional goals. It helps people to focus and develop tools to improve essential skills: self-motivation, drive, confidence, empathy, creativity, and emotional resilience. These are capabilities that are needed both in life and professionally. Coaching is a process consisting of focused conversations to create an environment for individual growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement.
The technique of coaching assumes that:

To sum it up: that it’s possible to change – for the better. Both as a person and as a professional.


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The Purpose of Coaching

coaching Coaching is a tool designed to get observable results in the short term. Its purpose is to improve performance and well-being through self-realization and self-confidence.

Who may benefit?

coaching Coaching is about empowerment and having more control over our own lives. Everybody who wants to improve self-knowledge, confidence, and performance is a candidate. However, one must have insight (or develop it) and be willing to face blockages and fears.

There’s not an ideal age for coaching. Problems may differ, but both a young adult and a senior professional may benefit from acquiring these tools and skills.

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How much?

The coach and coachee agree on a coaching plan during the first session. Establishing a price without knowing the number of sessions it will take to get visible results is challenging. It depends on the main issue to be dealt with and its depth. However, eight to twelve sessions is an average in terms of the number of sessions needed to get real changes.

What about the unemployed?

The cruel irony is that people in unemployment situations need even more to develop skills, self-knowledge, and a proactive attitude.
Clearmind is well aware of the socioeconomic problems we experience and proposes to financially aid those who wish to commit deeply to developing and working on a coaching process. We're not here to act as fake support or be condescending: coaching is empowerment, and the goal is that clients improve their capabilities and autonomy.

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